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    Sum values based on row dimension and column dimension that has been spilt by quarter

    Trevor Richardson

      I have receipts as a number value as what shows up by quarter for a year and by business function. Each receipt will show up in only one quarter. I want to sum all of the receipts by business function even though they are in different columns from Q1 - Q4. Any ideas?


      I have two row values-- business unit and receipt ID


      I have one column Value -- receipt date received (split into quarters)

      Then the result is how much money.


      Again, I'm looking for a way to sum the different columns.


      Message was edited by: Trevor Richardson Hi Steve, I added the attached document to give you a better understanding of my question above. Superstore assistance is the sheet I want help with. I need calculation 1 to report the correct values. Calculation 1 is an attempt to sum all of the first class- same day, second class, and standard class sales per customer by category. Therefore, there should be one answer for each category. EX: Furniture should report 7641.55 (unless I made some small math error adding) -- basically sum all of the column for the rows corresponding to each category. So sum 16 numbers for Furniture sum 36 numbers for Office Supplies and another 16 for technology.


      Also in my real data some of the column row values are blank for example maybe no one in art decided to make second class shipping so that table row-column value is nothing -- not zero just nonexistent.


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