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    Matrix Table Calc Using Rows and Columns

    Joshua Grossman

      Hi Tableau Community,


      I'm trying to create a table matrix of values calculated by the header row and first column.


      Example: (3,238,149/1000)*[CPM (copy)] = 81,051


      3,238,149 stays constant (from a parameter) but the result should change as header row increases and first column increases.


      See example below I am trying to create, workbook attached, thanks in advance for your help!


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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Joshua Grossman,


          Could you provide information about the growth rate field?  It's not used in any of the example calcs or in the attaced excel spreadsheet example.  Creating the first column is straight forward but the additional columns are confusing (at least for me). 



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            Yuriy Fal

            Hi Joshua,


            Your question is another one of an "easy-when-in-Excel" kind.

            Though it could be a "piece-of-cake-when-in-Tableau" as well.


            For every matrix calculation one should have a matrix table --

            it could be as simple as 2 x 2 for Tableau to start with.

            Such a datasource table is called "Scaffold" --

            following Joe Mako who pioneered the approach.


            Using this datasource and a set of parameters (for CPM and Growth)

            one could build dimensions via Tableau automatic Bins,

            place them on a view in opposite and trigger domain completion

            on both bins by setting Show Missing Values to ON.


            Then one could use table calculations to fill the matrix.


            Please find the attached.

            Hope it could help.





            PS your original datasource is just a diagonal of a matrix,

            so it is not in the right shape for Tableau.