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    I have a Date issue.

    Tanuja Rao

      I have been creating data to show in a Line chart.  I find that one of my computers shows the data for all the days of the week whereas the same data on another computer does not show Sundays.  Settings issue? In Tableau or my computer?

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          Will Griffiths

          This could be an issue to do with the settings on your computer as Tableau takes the date format for your data source based on the system settings. To see this or to change the date properties click on "Data" then on your data source and select "Date Properties..."




          You can see here the default date properties Tableau will use for that data source:


          Date Prop.PNG


          See if changing the Date format to one of the other variables on both machines as the system settings could differ. Or it could be the "Week Start" is set to different values on each Computer. Let me know what you find out!

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            Mark Fraser

            Hi Tanuja


            That is certainly strange...


            In Tableau, right click the data source - date properties

            there you can set which day of the week is the 'first', same for month

            Note that its ultimately determined by your system settings... as its happening on 1, not the other, I wonder if its related to the computer's regional settings - they can sometimes affect date/times >> Language and Locale


            And to check, its the same workbook, same source, same Tableau version etc?




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              Mark Fraser

              good thinking Will!

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                Ashish Chaudhari

                Can you post the screenshot for dates only?



                Ashish Chaudhari

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                  Tanuja Rao

                  Thank you, Will and Mark.  However, that was the first thing I checked.  Just to ensure that I did it right, I just did it again, and closed and reopened the workbook. But I get the same result.


                  Ashish:  here is a screenshot

                  June 5th was a Sunday.  This happens all through the year, every Sunday. 

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                    Mark Fraser

                    Thanks Tanuja for the screenshot... that's useful and interesting.

                    I was (wrongly) under the assumption it was affecting all data for every Sunday, but that isn't the case.

                    Sundays are displayed - but for some reason (we need to work this out), you don't have data for CY Perf Rev, on Sundays.


                    Questions -

                    What is CY Perf Rev? Is it a calculated field?

                    Are you sure you have data for that measure for that day?

                    Couldyou provide a sample? doesn't need to be real, just enough to demo the issue.


                    It is solvable, we just need to work out how