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    Change Tableau Data source on change of filter

    pardeep kumar

      Hi all,

      I just start learning Tableau from last week and i need some help on Tableau Data Source. I want to know more about Tableau Data Source Flexibility, for example  i have SQL Table which size is more then 1 TB so i'm trying to display that data in Tableau Workbook.


      So i have Date time filter for example


      5 minute


      1 hour


      24 hour


      1 week


      4 week


      and 6 month


      For each filter i have different table like Table_5minute ,table_1hour, table_24hour  so lets say by default my 5 minute filter is selected and data displayed from table name table_5minute now user changed the Date time filter to 1 hour  so is it possible now tableau can read data from table_1hour.....?


      or  if he select to 24 hour then data comes from table_24 hour...?