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    Tableau Desktop running very slow

    NIlesh Shinde

      Count of data in TDE is 500000.


      I'm using dell Laptop & RAM is 4GB.


      Facing error like tableau running out of space. Even not able to publish the dashboard.


      PFA  screen shot of Error.


      Request you to late me know the solution for the same.....


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          khalid norat

          Are you working while connected to a published TDE


          If not are you working from an extract of data


          Another thing to try is save shutdown and restart computer.

          I have found that using Tableau on a 4GB Ram laptop while using other programs like outlook internet and having multiple windows of tableau open does really drain the memory and results in out of memory errors

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            Joe Oppelt

            Tableau can display a half million records quickly.


            SLow performance can be caused by things you are doing in the sheet.  Blends, table calcs, etc.


            A SEARCH of this forum or of Tableau knowledge base articles will turn up a lot of discussions about ways to speed up your performance.