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    Incompatible with Office 2016?

    Morgan DUARTE

      Hi there,


      I have installed Office 2016 64b and Tableau Desktop 9.3.2 64b and on fresh Windows 7 64b install but when connecting to Access, it asked me to install the connector driver...

      I though this was only needed when you want to connect different bits application (like Tableau 64b with Access 32b)

      So, I have installed the driver as per the doc:

      Download Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable from Official Microsoft Download Cente

      in its 64b version...after a reboot, I am able to get my tables in Access but still unable to use custom query, which is simply a Select all on a union query that is not shown in the Tableau selection list.


      Any idea what's wrong there? any incompatibility?


      Thank you


      EDIT: I have tried with the Access Database Engine in 32b too (After uninstalling the 64b and restarting the computer. But same results)