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    Can't Get Filter to work...do I need to create a new parameter??

    Victor Acquaah-Harrison

      Hi everyone,

      I'm new to Tableau and in an effort to be more effective, I have been trying to create various analyses with the Tableau Public sample data.


      I was trying to create the following visual: Top Female Names by # of Occurrence by Year.


      Once I had that, I would then sort descending. I am part of the way there as you can see in the attached screenshot.


      For instance, "Linda" had the most occurrences of any name in any year, in 1947, and then again in '48 and '49. "Mary" has the 4th most occurrences of any year at 71,888.


      I haven't figured out how to get the additional names that are not Top for that year. In other words, how do I display each year with 1 name?


      I've attached the file for the underlying data as well.


      Thanks so much!

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