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    Read timed out error

    Toby Erkson

      Here's an error email from VizAlerts I received from another person's report that they created and scheduled:

      VizAlerts was unable to export data for this view. Error message: Unable to export viewname Business Overview as csv, error: Unable to get vizdata from url http://myServer.com/views/PartsSalesReporting/BusinessOverview?&:format=csv&:refresh=y. Cause: HTTPConnectionPool(host='myServer.com', port=80): Read timed out. (read timeout=30)

      Is the timeout due to VizAlerts or from Tableau Server or ???

      And is the (read timeout=30) mean the issue occured after 30 seconds or is the timeout set to trigger at 30 seconds?

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          Matt Coles

          It means that VizAlerts waited 30 seconds to get the CSV data from that URL, and Tableau Server didn't send it fast enough. Timeouts and the number of retries are derived from the config file rules you have set in vizalerts.yaml. Frequently-running alerts are given fewer retries and shorter timeouts by default. You can tweak the rules however you like, but be aware that increasing retries and timeouts will both allow people to build higher-impact alerts that may end up sapping Tableau Server resources (e.g. with all timeouts set to 5 minutes, people could publish 20 long-running alerts on a 15-minute schedule)


          I'm hoping to have a better way to do timeouts in the next version that allows for much more flexibility in timeouts based on author, project, specific alerts, etc.

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            Toby Erkson

            I didn't see a timeout variable in the .yaml config file


            I've been working with the owner and there were a few issues with how he was implementing VizAlerts so this error was a branch of several other possible issues.  Making updates to the VizAlert process in his workbook has resolved this issue but has created other ones.  We'll be able to fix it and he's a smart developer so we'll just consider this assumed answered.


            An "oh, hey, I should probably mention that to Matt" moment for the instruction manual:

            • Beginner-level HTML skills would be good to have e.g. Using single quotes, concatenation sign is the plus symbol i.e. +, etc.
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              Matt Coles

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                Matt Coles

                I should have documented that configurable set of rules better...in my head i thought I had. Thanks for mentioning the HTML formatting bit as well, we'll have to add that in.