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    How to show symbol only in one measure field in text table in Tableau

    Rahul Nambiar



      I have a created a simple text table with fields like reference #, Grand total auto defects, # of auto defects and % Processed.  reference # is a Dimension and rest all are Measures. the Table looks like this:


      Now I have created a calculated field known as Mark, which would give 'Up'(Up arrow in Shapes) when % Processed is 100 and 'Down'(down arrow in Shapes) otherwise. But when I am trying to apply this new field Mark into Shapes section the Shapes gets applied to all the Measures. like as given below:


      Where as I want it only for one single measure field i.e. % Processed (As specified in the Highlight rectangle).


      Kindly provide your expertise in the same.


      Thanks in advance.


      Rahul KN.