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    Dynamic documents with Tableau

    Erdem Yazganoglu

      Dear Tableau users,


      Here is my question.


      We are creating profiles for our geographic areas. Each geographic area has multiple around 15-20 graphs and 10 tables.  We create a template in word and run our data in excel and copy and paste graphs, tables from excel to word. Any changes to the base data, or the design of the graph, colours in the graph, we need to apply the same change for all geographic areas individually. This takes time and version management becomes a nightmare.


      We would like to change this process. Ideally, we create one template (e.g. Tableau story board) and use filters for each geographic area. In this format, when are graph or table is changed, it is applicable for all geographic areas. However, we describe and interpret data for the users and this is in text format and specific to the geographic region. I have two questions:

      1. Can we add dynamic text, e.g. when geographic area is selected, appropriate text for the graph is populated in the storyboard. If yes, then

      1.1. In what format we need to store the text to make it available.

      1.2. What option we can select in the storyboard to create these dynamic text boxes.

      1.3 Can we export the storyboard to adobe pdf documents

      2. If Tableau is not a solution for this, do you know of other solutions.

      3. Any other suggestions?


      Thank you in advance.



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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello Erdem,


          I will try to answer this as best as possible but you may want to explore some of the existing story boards and maps that exist on Tabeau Public and throughout the web. 


          1 - dynamic text when geographic area selected.   If the text is associated with the area in a data store - then yes.

          2 - in an exel table would work fine or as long as each area is unique, you could use 'alias' values in Tableau

          3 - yes - you can print to pdf

          sorry - I'm not familar with other tools so can't speak to this. 


          You should be able to setup a demo pretty quickly though. 



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