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    Data Blending Asterisk

    Jose Alvarenga

      Good morning everyone, I am quite new to Tableau and I am running into some issues with data blending using two different sources and I would really like some help!


      Current Set-Up:


      1) xlsx containing what zip code are currently coming from (being used a "main source" or source #1)

      2) xlsx containing available cases for entire state per zip code and disease (source #2)

      3) Tableau version 9.3




      I am trying to create a data blend between both files through the zip codes, but displaying "disease type" for source #2. What I have found online when researching this issue, they mention having a one to many relationship from source #1 to source #2 which creates the *, but for some reason I am unable to get it to work and filter along with all the other sheets I have.


      As of now, I have 5 sheets which link from one to the other and 6th sheet is not filtering along with all the other sheets.


      I hope I'm explaining this thoroughly enough, and if not, please let me know. Any help would be of great assistance.