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    Why am I receiving a 500 internal server error 'invalid filter'? (Example Included)

    Dave Molinero

      I had a site setup with a few dashboards set up, and it worked fine for a couple of weeks, and then just stopped working, and now usually throws 500 internal server errors which if i log shows 'Invalid filter field name or value: Region'. I have exposed the region filter to be absolutely sure that it is included in the sheets, but I still receive the error.


      Needless to say, the region filter works perfectly in Tableau desktop, but fails when saved to Tableau public. I have already tried remaking all the visualizations in Tableau and uploading a new viz to Tableau Public, but it makes no difference.


      You can see an extremely basic example of the JS I am using here: http://codepen.io/davescode/pen/oLjPPZ


      What should happen in this case is that the Puget Sound region (the highest dark grey one) should be removed when clicking the check box, but instead it fails.


      Help would be appreciated!