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    How to add total summary of a column of data that is in rows?

    Jackie Sandling

      I want a grant total listed at the bottom, but currently because my pills are rows not columns, the total is nothing. I am wondering if there is a calculation or workaround I can do, or if I need to reformat my data entirely.



      I have data, all of unit $ but of different types (paycheck, revenue, invoice, etc.). I must create a worksheet of this kind:


      Employeerevenuecostbonus for the year
      employee A1050
      employee B1061
      employee C1050


      In Tableau to avoid charts that spread out values on an X axis and to afford values in nice columns, I have so far formatted my chart with the following pills:


      columns: placeholder

      rows: employee, revenue, cost, bonus for the year


      Based off of Removing "Abc" Placeholder Text | Tableau Software.


      Data file format is like     

      EmployeeRevenue this monthRevenue last monthCost this monthCost last monthtotal bonus for the year
      employee A108560
      employee B1011661
      employee C1011550



      The Excel parallel is to create a =SUM(C2:C5 or similar) in each cell on the bottom, so that the last row of data is all summaries of the data above. I know that Excel and Tableau are drastically different and not to expect similar functionality, capabilities, or performance. That being said, I would expect this to be a rather standard use case and was surprised not to be able to find a preexisting tutorial or workaround very easily.