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    Enabling SSL disables the web portal access

    Edmund Zhu

      Hi All, I'm hoping someone can help me with this issue.


      I've assigned a self-signed SSL to the tableau server. The procedure I use is as follows:

           Stop Tableau Server

           Stop Windows Services - Tableau Server Application Manager, Tableau Server License Manager

           Edit the SSL field (with cert and key from openssl (using the reference guide provided by the help section))


      When finalizing the changes, it usually takes forever to commit. Afterwards, I reboot the services in the following order:

           Windows (License Manager, Application Manager)

           Tableau Server Start


      However, when attempting to load either localhost or localhost:8000 (the port I dedicated using for https). The page simply does not load.

      So I go back to turning off the SSL feature (again, takes painstakingly long). And only to find that the normal services seems to work. Any idea how to fix this issue?



      Also. I've attempted to submit a case to tech-support. It has been 2 weeks with multiple exchanges of emails to assign me an engineer. But no luck at all....I'm completely stuck on the topic and desperately need to get the https running for my users....

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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello Edmund Zhu,


          I have moved this post to Server Administration .  This is the community Tableau Server area of the forums where our Server admin's hang out and assist with Server issues.



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            Edmund Zhu

            Hi Patrick


            Thanks for the move on my post. This was ultimately resolved by a technical support personnel that called me via phone. We ended up discovering that on a self-signed certificate. You have to add the cert to your local machine that has the Tableau Client. Once it is added. The certificate will work with the client/server setup.


            Thanks, and please close the thread.






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