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    Embedded Dashboards x Cache

    Danilo Silva

      Hello guys,

      I have an issue related to embedded dashboards and cache.


      The scenario is the following:

      We have in our web portal several pages with embedded dashboards via iframe code, where we have Trusted Authentication implemented, so the user can access these reports without needing to log in Tableau Server.

      What happens is that when you access any dashboard directly at Tableau Server, at first the load time is high, but when you open it a second time it’s faster. I can attribute this performance optimization to cache.


      However, when I repeat this test inside my web portal, no matter how many times it’s opened, the load time is always high. Therefore, I suppose that the cache is not performed in this environment.


      What I would like to know is: Is this kind of behavior expected? That an embedded dashboard with Trusted Authentication doesn’t load won’t cached?