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    Help with LoD + Aggregates in IF statements

    Samuel Gee

      Hi all,


      I have a complicated dataset I'm trying to approach. It has the following quirks:


      + All week dates are the Monday of each week.

      + Most products are released on Sunday (with the w/c the Monday following that Sunday their official "Release week"). So a product released on Sun 3/1/16 will have a release week of Mon 4/1/16.

      + Many products have more than 1 release date, though we are only interested in the first.

      + Some products have sales before their week of release which are technically release week sales. So the product released on 3/1/16 will have sales from w/c 28/12/15 which need to be counted.


      What I'm trying to find is - for a list of about 3,000 products - the combined sales value for the week of their first release date (+ any accidental sales from the week before).


      I've attached a sample workbook. I have a simple formula which can get me half way there, but I can't work out how to restrict it to only looking at the first release date against a product. I keep trying to use MIN, but I get the error about mixing agg and non-agg, which I don't really understand.


      I suspect a LOD is required to exclude any but the first release date per product, but I can't get there alone.


      So the value for the "Almost Right" calculated field should return 11 for Product 1 and 50 for Product 2. Product 2 is currently right, but Product 1 is 100 off.


      Many thanks in advance for anyone who can help a little bit!