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    Team need help. SAP HANA SS4 CONFIGURATION

    rushendra sriram

      Hi Team,


      Need help. In terms of configuring the SAP HANA SSE 4 configuration to Tableau.  Detail steps are much appreciated. Please considered this is very important for me. I need to work for third party client.


      thank in advance.


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          Robin Cottiss

          We need more details about your question. Are you asking how to configure Tableau, or SAP HANA to take advantage of Intel's Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE-4) or perhaps you mean SAP HANA Single Sign-On (SSO)?


          SSE-4 is not a configurable setting on Tableau or HANA. It depends more on installing a version of the software that takes advantage of SSE-4, and installing it on a Hardware platform that has SSE-4 enabled.

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