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    Default Shapes


      Hi All,


      My question is around, how can we set/change the default shape directory.


      I am currently working on to set an org structure for a company. The scenario is that people keep joining the company and I want Tableau to pick a default image in the org structure instead of default available shapes (circle, square, plus, etc).


      You can see the snapshot of the dashboard, where I do not have the image for resource3 and Tableau picked + automatically. P.S.: the above snapshot is sanitized and I used gender icons for the image instead.


      Please help me figure out either, how to add an image as default in the default folder and location of the default folder? or how can I set a different folder as default?


      This is the image that i want to set as default. Any help is appreciated.




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          Mahfooj Khan

          If tableau’s standard shape legend or pallets don’t fit your requirements, import custom shape files
          (png, JPEG, bmp, GIF) and make them available to use in your views by following
          these steps:

          Create a folder to hold the image files under my tableau repository.

          Give the folder a one or two word name (by default tableau repository shapes folders are sorted in alphabetical order. So give a name of your folder something which comes first in that list).

          Create a view that uses shapes.

          Edit the standard shape by selecting the imported custom shape.

          The best results are achieved using images that are sized at (32×32) pixels.



          Feel free to ask if you've any question.




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            Akram Ebrahim

            Hi Bharath,


            The field you used to map for shapes should not vary in when you refresh the data, if it varies then tableau things it's a different field and assigns a default shape(circle.square,plus,etc).


            Follow the steps as Mahfooj as mentioned in the previous reply.

            Also refer this previous question related to your requirement

            Custom shapes for thousands of images

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              Thanks Mahfooj and Akram for the quick reply.


              I tried naming folders alphabetically so that it comes above 'Default' folder in Shapes. But 'Default' is always coming on top, and the new additions are always picking images from there.


              Akram- In our data, column remains the same and data gets refreshed every day. We have linked photographs of each member with the names in the column. When a new member is added to the company, our data reflects a new entry but no photograph is tagged/linked. In this scenario, Tableau picks the shape from the default folder even if we have the custom folder assigned to the shapes.


              Now we want, when a new  member is added then instead of the default shape (+,Circel, square, etc), we want Tableau to pick the image "Photo not available" as shown above.



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                Akram Ebrahim

                Hi Bharat!


                The shape always gonna change when new entry posted on the column. So find out any alternative column you can use it for shapes which gives the same representation for the field. For example use constant member like avg(number of records),

                Why giving average here as example because the value is always gonna be 1.


                Ex: avg(number of records)=1

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                  Hi Akram,


                  In that case, all the icons will be the default image, right?

                  If the value is same, we can assign only one image to each entry. We cannot assign photos of individual employees separately.



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                    Akram Ebrahim



                    Yes. If the value is same then we will be able to assign only one image.Try to make all the new employees names fall into a new category like "fresher" and assign your customized default shape.

                    If you want to do a workaround then try providing URL action based on employee names.Please refer the link