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    Open packaged workbook:  "Connecting to Data Source"

    Joe Oppelt

      Has something changed on my laptop?



      Lately when I open packaged workbooks that people have posted here, a lot of the time it hangs with a message "connecting to data source".



      These are TWBX files.  Shouldn't they have the data packaged already?


      At times I have suggested that the person do EXTRACT on the data sources and repackage.  Should that be necessary?



      I'm just surprised at how many times this has occurred in the past few days.

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          Nicholas Hara

          Hi Joe,


          I'm going to ask the standard troubleshooting questions:

          1. Is this one workbook or many?

          2. How long has this been occurring?

          3. How long does it stay in the 'connecting to data source' mode?

          4. What version of Tableau? Does it happen in other versions too?

          5. Can you elaborate on the EXTRACT portion of your post? Does that mean that people are sending a .twbx with a .csv or .xls as the data source?


          Ok, and if you want to skip all that, my guess (truly a guess), is that your hard drive is getting close to full OR that something is eating your memory in the background.


          The other guess (really, a guess), is that some of the workbooks you are opening are taking advantage of the PIVOT and clean-up functions from the data source window. Tableau's data prep options need to reload every time a workbook is opened, so it may simply be that there is a lot of prep going on in the background during the open phase. Extracts, by contrast, are created with the pivots, splits, and prep already baked in, so they open a lot faster.


          Let me know if any of this helps!

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            Joe Oppelt

            Nicholas -- What happens when you open the workbook linked at the bottom of this thread:




            These aren't my workbooks in question.  It's workbooks users post here.


            How long does it stay connecting?  The one linked above never stopped connecting.  I had forgotten I started it this morning.  I just killed it.


            Regarding the EXTRACT suggestion...  I've seen it happen that people to a packaged workbook using data sources that are directly linked to their in-house databases like Oracle.  Extract the data sources first, then export packaged workbook.


            My laptop disc IS pretty full...  I'm cleaning off stuff now.  I'm surprised that's a factor though.  The workbook is already copied to disc here.  Shouldn't that be all it needs?

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              Nicholas Hara

              Hi Joe, I don't think it's your HDD being full.


              I said that because I've noticed weird issues when my hard drive starts to get full.


              BUT, I'm definitely experiencing the same issue as you. I used 9.2 and 9.3 to open the workbook


              Has this happened with other workbooks?


              It may simply be a corrupt workbook.


              If you can consistently reproduce the issue with several workbooks, it is worth it to open a support ticket.

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                Joe Oppelt

                Here's a thread where I had the guy extract and re-export packaged workbook.  That fixed it for us.




                That one was 9.1.  It was two days ago.  I hit two of these on Monday.  I can't find the other one.  One yesterday.  This one today.  Different versions.


                I open a lot of workbooks and help answer things on this board.  I'm still willing to say it's coincidence.  It's not all workbooks that I open.  But at some point I have to start thinking it's a trend.


                If I filed a ticket, what would I say to Support?  I guess give them a couple of the TWBX files and say, "You figure it out..." 


                What I was really hoping to see in this thread (I can dream, can't I?) is for someone to say it's happening all over the place, and you can work around it by jiggling the toilet bowl handle.

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                  Nicholas Hara

                  I laughed out loud at the toilet bowl handle.


                  Since it is happening with multiple workbooks, it probably isn't a coincidence.


                  The challenge is understanding the 'why' around the inability to connect. I'd give support the same info you have given me, as well as the workaround.


                  I noticed in the first workbook, one of the connections was to a live Oracle data source. I wonder if it is related to the type of connection packaged into the workbook.

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                    Gerardo Varela



                    I cracked open the .twbx and it has two data sources a .tde and .xslx. The latter I could not open  “found unreadable content in bases.xlsx  we can try to recover if you trust the….”.  The .tde works perfectly well.




                    The link above did not have an extract.  If you take a peak at xml it looks like it was connected to a tde or tds but nothing was included in the .twbx. I have no idea how this was done! Highly curious on how you manage to do that (besides changing the extension)

                    By the way I couldn’t “unpackage” either.  I had to change the file extension to .zip then unzip it.


                    I say coincidence.