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    How to Override/Sync Quick Filters

    Xi Wang

      In my dashboard, I need to

      (1) Set the view to last 4 weeks of data by default. My solution was using the quick filter, setting to relative dates

      (2) The dashboard also needs to allow users to over-ride the last 4 weeks filter, and toggle by month (multi-select MM/YY), in a quick filter



      When the 'last 4 weeks' filter and the 'Month' filter do not align. For example (assuming today=6/6), when the first filter is set to last 4 weeks, but the month filter is set to April, then nothing will show up on the dashboard, since there are no data satisfies that mutually exclusive filtering criteria



      How can I let the month filter automatically over-ride the 'last 4 week's filter, when user select on any month at all.