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    Data Validation/Governance using Tableau

    Ananthram Suresh Bagalore

      Hi, I am very new to Tableau and trying to evaluate if we can use tableau for validating source data and Data Governance.  I would like to know if anyone has implemented Data validation or Data Governance using Tableau and if there was a case study or any type of document. I appreciate any help on this subject.



      Suresh B A

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          Most users find that they are doing data validation even if they do not want to when creating visualizations.


          For example, they may find duplicate records, extremely large tables, and may even find issues with how data has been collected.


          On the Tableau Server / Data governance end, you can publish live data sources or extracts of data sources to Tableau Server for other end users to use.  As a data source publisher you can select only the fields you want to publish and/or include data source filters as well.  The data source can be then administered and given proper permissions going forward.


          I am definitely not covering everything, but I hope that helps!