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    Tableau desktop to Kerberos cluster

    Santhosh Kumar Miryala


      I am trying to connect from Tableau desktop to a Kerberos enabled cluster. But i am getting an error when i am trying to configure the driver "Error from server: SASL(-1): generic failure: Failed to initialize security context: The specified target is unknown or unreachable" while connecting to the kerberos cluster. I have used the Kerberos authentication mechanism while configuring. Any help is appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Hi Santhosh Kumar Miryala,


          This error can happen on Impala, Cloudera or Hortonworks Databases.

          I would advise you with the following:


          ◘ Step 1: Ensure the recommended ODBC driver is installed.

          Download the driver from the Tableau Drivers & Activation page. 


          Step 2: Set up the Kerberos configuration file in the default location.

          • Obtain a krb5.conf configuration file from your Kerberos administrator.
          • The default location is C:\ProgramData\MIT\Kerberos5. This directory may be hidden by the Windows operating system.
          • Rename the configuration file from krb5.conf to krb5.ini.
          • Copy krb5.ini to the default location and overwrite the empty sample file.

          Note: To set up this configuration file in a non-default location, please consult the MIT Kerberos documentation. MIT management should be installed in every instance of Tableau Server (primary and workers).


          Step 3: Set up the Kerberos credential cache file.

          • Create a writable directory. For example, C:\temp
          • Click the Windows Start menu.
          • Right-click Computer.
          • Click Properties > Advanced system settings.
          • Click Environment Variables.
          • Under System variables, click New.
          • In Variable name, enter: KRB5CCNAME.
          • In Variable value, enter: <writable directory from step 1>\krb5cache. For example, C:\temp\krb5cache


          Note: krb5cache is a regular file (not a directory) managed by the Kerberos software and should not be created by the user. If you receive a permission error when you first use Kerberos, check to make sure that the krb5cache file does not exist as a file or a directory. This set up needs to be performed on every instance of Tableau Server (primary and workers).

          • Click OK to save the new variable.
          • Ensure the variable is listed in the System variables list.
          • Restart your computer to ensure that MIT Kerberos for Windows uses the new settings.


          Let me know if it helped you!

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            Santhosh Kumar Miryala

            Hi Lénaïc RIÉDINGER,

            Thank you for your response .

            I have been trying the same authentication mechanism. But i think my organisations firewall is preventing me from getting a proper Kerberos TGT. I am touch with my network team in fixing this. Post they enable the firewall i will re try connecting and post you with any queries then. Thank you so much.




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              paramasivan palanisamy

              is this steps required for connecting from Tableau Desktop? I am facing a different error when connecting to kerberos enabled presto cluster as below.