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    Create summary tables in Tableau


      Hi Gurus,



      I would like to pick some of your knowledge to help me in creating Summary tables in Tableau.


      I have a requirement where I need to display a summary table looking exactly as below. With the same titles, colors and conditional formatting for "Variance"

      I tried creating the same directly in Worksheet as well as in Dashboard, with not much luck Will be glad if I can get some workings on how to achieve this. I attached both the sample Tableau file and the excel workbook. There will be few more similar tables and charts added to the same dashboard shared with the above.





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          Guys any help on this?




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            Russell Christopher

            Ravi -


            On behalf of everyone, sorry you got stuck with this request. It is a poor use of Tableau. A very poor one. If I were you, I would explain to the people making this request that Tableau is not really made for this sort of work -- if the user wants something that looks and behaves like an Excel worksheet....they should just use Excel It will take you far more time to create something in Tableau that looks like this than to do it in a tool built for that purpose.


            You mention you need to build several other similar charts and put them together...This will be a bad use of Tableau. I work in Pre-Sales, and when a prospect asks me to build something like this, I politely decline because I know it will not turn out well.


            This workbook by Jonathan Drummey illustrates how to do all sorts of interesting things around formatting and will help you with the highlighting and coloring...| Tableau Public


            But you're in for a long fight on this one - Run away! Run away!

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              Hi Russell,


              Thanks for your guidance. I tried to resist in the first instance, though not very successful . Coming to this requirement, it is actually a complicated comparison (I just used an example to post).


              Using this summary table, rest of the quadrants pose several charts to display the info separately. There are couple more views which will display the same approach (summary table with accessory charts).


              Atleast from your post and the workbook guide you shared, it seems like a possibility. I shall try more to get it there.


              In the meantime, any help on this (even bits and pieces) will be greatly appreciated.


              Thank you,




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                Hello Ravi,


                Basically I agree with Russel for the poor use of Tableau, but I can also understand what you have been asked to do.


                The following is the best effort for me to get closer to your requirements.

                Attached workbook is made with Tableau Desktop 9.3 .




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                  Hi Lei Chen,


                  Thank you for your efforts. This is excellent. If the data is same, I would probably go with this.


                  Though for my actual finance data, this Grouping doesn't work. I tried to replicate similar grouping below:

                  So I went ahead and re-shape the data to create the exact table to be displayed Sorry guys, I know this is not suggested. But I am at lost for the time-being.


                  Only issues I have are:

                  • how I can conditional format the data to represent difference between negative and positive values.
                  • How can I change the Font format for middle rows - North+South, South+East and South+West


                  Once again, my apologies for these out-of-the way requests. Help me achieve this.


                  Sample file attached - Sheet 3


                  Thanks again,




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                    Hello Ravi,


                    I used pivot to reform the data.

                    Here are some simple steps.

                    In data source window, select the fields, east west north south, and just pivot them.


                    The data will look like,

                    Just an option, I hide some unnecessary fields, and rename Location -> KPI, Pivot field names -> Location, Pivot field values -> Value.


                    Please find more details in the attached workbook Sheet 4.