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    Working with soccer data

    Franck van der Sluis

      Hi People,


      I have a data warehouse with soccer data. It has many tables, the following is one of them:

      Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 10.24.21.png


      The name of the table is "session". Session contains all games played by soccer clubs, along with their scores.

      A game is played by 2 clubs (1 home, 1 away.). So every game ID exists exactly twice in this table.


      How can I make tableau look at the data like this?:


      Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 10.39.38.png


      So I want to group by game id, and then distinguish between home and away clubs / scores. I am quite new to tableau, If some one could give me a direction I would be very happy.



      Kind regards,



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          Brad Shuel

          Hello Franck,


          To answer your question I have attached a workbook.


          I created a couple of calculations:


          Home Score


          If [Home Away] = "Home" then [Score] END


          Away Score


          If [Home Away] = "Away" then [Score] END


          Home or Away Club


          If [Home Away] = "Home" then "Home Club"

          ELSE "Away Club"



          I then created two sheets and combined the sheets on a dashboard.


          Hope it helps!