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    How to exclude n% of records from top level

    Manikandan S

      Hi all,


      I'm new to the tableau reporting tool. My task is to represent a report which is based on proofs Stage duration. My requirement is to exclude n% of proof records from top level which means, some of my data has more stage duration values. So I want to exclude those values from my report. I like to exclude those reports by using parameter. Like I want to exclude top 20% records which is having more stage duration. Please help me on this I'm trying this last 2 days. I'm not getting. I attached the tableau packaged workbook with this question for your reference.



      Thanks in advance.

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Manikandan S,


          Thank you for posting this question with a workbook.  I think the reason the question went unanswered is that there it is difficult to determine what the measure value is and how it should be used to determine the top n value? 


          So for instance, in the data - what would be excluded if I was to choose 1%?   Knowing a few samples of the data to be excluded would assist greatly in providing assistance.


          Thank you