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    Best way to export a chart from Tableau>Word>Adobe PDF

    Josh Craig

      I have a large Word document that includes a number of static Tableau charts. I thought that the best way to export these charts would be via Dashboard>Export Image...>Save as type=Enhanced Metafile.


      This works fine exporting charts from Tableau to Word. The pictures are displayed properly and the resolution is good.


      BUT now I need to save my Word document as a PDF using Adobe Acrobat. This is where things go very bad.


      When I save my Word document as a PDF using Adobe Acrobat, every Tableau chart looks wrong. On most charts, the axis labels turn upside or rotate 90 degrees, axis lines disappear, font sizes and font alignments change and sometimes the chart just turns into a jumble of shapes and colours.


      Am I doing something wrong? Is there a better way to take a static chart from Tableau to Word to Adobe Acrobat?