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    Aligning marks to a row

    Jong Lee

      Hey Folks,


      I have an issue that I've been trying to tackle. It's quite specific and I hope to never come across it again.



      What I'm trying to do is align a circle that has a week that is different from the week of the rest of the circles. Image below.



      The field contractCd isn't necessary on the rows shelf since we already show it in the circle. When I take contractCd off the shelf, I partly get the results I am wanting... Image below.


      As you can see, the circles line up on the same row, which is exactly what I want, but the rows do not self adjust since contractCd was taken off the rows shelf. I could make the rows wider, but then if a certain Lane Dsc has only one contractCd, there would be a ton of white space, which makes me cringe a little inside.


      Note: Null values are showing because I want to see the weeks going across the top regardless of missing data. If there is a quick way to keep those weeks and hide the null row (instead of creating a calculated field to give null values a blank string value), I'm all ears! Back to the main question..



      Question: Is there a calculated field I can create that will allow the rows to self adjust just like it did with contractCd on the rows shelf? I have attached a sample workbook.



      Thank you for any help!