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    Average Gross Margin (calculated field) as a reference line

    Travis Hauck

      I am trying to show the average gross margin over a period of time displayed in years.

      I am calculating gross margin as a percentage via the calculation



      When I add a reference line in the traditional manner, it calculates the average of the individual points being displayed, which is not what I need.



      What I need is for the reference line to calculate the GM within each pane, without regard for the time period.  I suspect this might be done by an LOD calculation, but I don't have much experience there.  Can anyone help?  Thank you!

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          Ivan Young

          Hi Travis,

          It's always a little easier to answer these types of questions when you post a twbx or some data.  Your intuition about using an LOD is spot on.  There's a couple ways you could write one for this view but I think {FIXED [Market Type],[Market Segment] : SUM([Gross Margin USD])/SUM([Order Value USD]) } should work.


          Try {FIXED [Market Type],[Market Segment] : SUM([Gross Margin USD])}/{FIXED [Market Type],[Market Segment] : SUM([Order Value USD])} if the previous one doesn't work.  Let me know if you have any questions.

          Good luck,