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    Stacked histogram that add to 100% - Measure values

    Thomas Hossler

      Hi all,


      I am trying to get my stacked histogram to add to 100% - I know this has been tackled in other topics but I can't find anything similar to what I have.

      I attached my twbx file. For each sheet, there is a stacked histogram (do not judge me on the color scale). Instead of having the number of values, I'd like to have all the bars adding to 100% for each category (NGO, public sector ...) with the percentage instead of the number. For example, for research university, I have 50 people in the measure "All (100%)". I'd like to have this number represented at the percentage of the total values in the category research university (in that case, about 240 values, so "All (100%)" would be around 20%). I tried to add table calculation for each measured value but I can't get the right results - weather I picked table across or cell in percent of total. It rather calculates the percentage from one category to another (ie the percentage of All in Research university versus ngo, civil sector etc.)


      Any help would be largely appreciated