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    How to calculate average based on max denominator

    Emily Z



      I've been struggling how to average data based on max denominator in the same category. e.g. pls. refer to below table, the result I want is in the column 'Average Order'. i.e. Average for O5 = (1+0.5)/12 because O2 has 12 months of data. Is there any way that Tableau can achieve this? I attached an excel file with formulas. Kindly help!


      CategoryOrderAPR-2015MAY-2015JUN-2015JUL-2015AUG-2015SEP-2015OCT-2015NOV-2015DEC-2015JAN-2016FEB-2016MAR-2016Avearge Order% of Total
      O51.0 0.5 0.1311.9%