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    New to Tableau - Is this possible?

    Gail Boozer

      I apologize if this is already posted.   I did search and didn't find the answer.   I am new to Tableau coming over from MicroStrategy.    In MS I was able to create what they call filtered metrics.    This was incredibly helpful when you want to do something like the attached screenshot.  2016-06-06_08-16-25.png

      Is there a way in tableau to take a measure and add a filter like "last month" which is a time dimension to it via custom calc or something else instead of filtering on the view?


      Thanks in advance!

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          khalid norat

          You can have relative filter on dates,


          e.g today, yesterday, previous week previous month, previoust x months, previous year and also Month to Date and Year to date + more


          What  you will need to do to create this visualisation is create the first row ,duplicate the sheets, apply the various filters on the different sheets and pull all the sheets on to one dashboard to give a combined view.


          so the answer is Yes it is definitely possible

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