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    Filter Selection combined with Last/Max

    Lucie Krennwallner



      somehow I am stuck with something that should be rather simple - none of the answers I found (parameter + calculated field, LOD, Last(), Rank(), index(), table calc, etc) produces the desired outcome ....


      The dataset comprises (among many others to be ignored for this question) 5 columns:

      - clip: video clip id

      - item first: item shown

      - item next: item shown after item first

      - duration (s): time passed between two items (in seconds)

      - Summed duration: running total of duration (in seconds)


      Task: select via a filter max time duration and based on this filter selection the item shown last.

      Desired Result (Examples):

      - Duration Selection =   "5s" :  clip A | AA , clip b | AA.

      - Duration Selection = "20s" :  clip A | DD, clip b | CC.


      Attached are a dummy data set and a tableau workbook with one not perfect solution just to give the idea.


      Thanks a milion to anyone who cuts through my Gordian knot and provides the (probably simple) solution!!