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    Combine two date fields on one axis date

    Kevin MONGES

      Hi Guys,

      I have ONE table with TWO DATE FIELD which are :

      - Date entered

      - Date closed


      I want to create a cross-tab like below :



      The "VALUE IN" is calculated from the today() date and "date entered"

      The "VALUE OUT" is calculated from the today() date and "date closed"

      "DIFFERENCE IN / OUT" is calculated with "VALUE IN" and "VALUE OUT"


      My issue is about YEAR MONTH and WEEK. Since I have 2 date fields, I choose just one of them.

      But If I do that, my value won't be correct on one of these. For example, I choose to use "date closed", My value on "VALUE IN" will be false and not correct since there is no link between "Date closed" and "date entered"


      There is my problem.


      I was thinking about doing another "general" date field in order to manipulate both field easier. But I don't know how to do it on TABLEAU. I was thinking about doing an append with both date field.

      Creating a set ?(Doesn't work like I wanted).

      Using Custom SQL ?(sounds too much work for a little thing)


      Can someone help me please !


      Thank you very much