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    Morgan Strong



      I am trying to get a drill down to work, but am unable to get certain filters to carry over.  I have multiple worksheets, each with a different filter on them and would like it when I drill down that they all navigate to the same cross tab.  The current problem is when I drill down from a visualization, the cross tabs gets populated with data from all the visualizations, not just the one I'm navigating from.


      Here are screenshots to help articulate.


      I have multiple stacked bars, all driven from the same data set. They are just filtered by "Interface".


      When I click on the red from Interface 1.9, it returns data from Interface 1.10.1C as well. I want the cross tab to only be populated with data from 1.9.  Does anyone have any thoughts on this?




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          Michael Hesser

          Hi Morgan...


          Make sure your worksheet or dashboard action filters on [Interface]. I think this will solve your problem.


          It's also a great idea to let us know what version of Tableau you're working with, and include a small .twbx of non-sensitive data so we can produce a working model for you.


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            Morgan Strong

            Hi Michael,


            Thanks for the response, I'm working off Tableau 9.1, and attached a .twbx for reference.  I have the [Interface] on the action filters, but they don't carry over from one dashboard to another when I drill down. Not sure why this is?




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              Michael Hesser

              Hi Morgan--

              I'm afraid I couldn't open your .twbx without a password. It seemed also to be asking for external connections.


              My initial thought is that you might have "battling filters": one of your drill-down actions may be overriding another, and the results you get are wacky.


              You can solve this by making sure you have a single dashboard action that includes multiple sources and each target sheet.

              You could call this, for example, [Interface Drilldown Filter].

              Doing so will ensure each time you choose a new Interface, the filter is reset.


              Anther trick you may find helpful is that you can filter on the filter action. Suppose you have a tabular sheet that includes [Interface] and you want to give the user the option of drilling down from one of your other vizzes -or- the tabular sheet.

              Rather than including a filter for [Interface} on the tabular sheet, filter on [Interface Drilldown Filter].


              Good luck to you!