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    Multiple values = *

    David Vincent

      In my tooltip, if i have more than 1 value, its represented by a *


      because i have 3 values



      Can it display the 3 values instead of this?



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          John Sobczak

          I would create a dual axis map where the second axis is a pie chart of slices by dealer.  That way you will have the dealer as a level of detail available in BOTH a Tootip as well as a visual.

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            David Vincent

            The idea is not bad, can be a workaround


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              Hope Stiles

              I had a similar issue recently.  The values I wanted in the tooltip were actually determined by the filter choices.  What I did was create a calculated field that would return the value if there was only one and return the count of the values if there was more than one.  My hope is that it will encourage the user to consider the filter.


              The calc was something like this:

              if countd([Dimension]) = 1 then ATTR([Dimension])

              else STR(countd([Dimension])) + " Dealers Selected"



              You change it up since it looks like yours ins't a filter and have it display something like "3 Dealers."  Not ideal, but maybe a feasible workaround.



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