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    Tableau "Sort" function doesn't really works...

    Matan Bracha

      Hi All,


      I've built a large Cross-Tab sheet, and I want to do a very simple thing - sort the data by a certain measure.

      Let's say I want to sort by Impressions - This is how to Cross-Tab looks like:

      The Impressions are not sorted, and further more - they stay the same after I press the "sort" button (Tha same happens when pressing each one of the rest of the measures, in Tableau desktop as well as Tableau server).


      Does any one knows Why the sort isn't working?

      How can I make my data sorted according to the measure I choose? in each column, for each group (combination of all the dimensions) sort it ascending/descending?

      Or if not - the next best thing is to sort the column by the "Total" row (In this view I have "Total" on when measure and a "Grand Total" row) - Sorting the "AdGroup" according to the "Totals" in the column I clicked sort on?


      Or if you have any other solution for this problem - I'd appreciate it.

      Thank you very much!