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    Filtering across multiple data sources via filter action

    Sunil Kumar



      I am trying to create a dash board where views are based on multiple input files. Six excel files come from different sources with different  information, but all of them are having one common field (say region). I have to filter all the views by region. Based on my research, I have two options :


      1. Create a parameter and use it as calculated field : I cannot take this route because end users would also like to select ALL regions, and parameters are single valued. Is there any suggestion to select all regions at once using parameters?
      2. Create a view with region field and then apply filter action : This approach work for me to some extent. But filter action look very confusing if I select ALL in filters. When I select ALL in regions then I get repeated text corresponding  to each region and only one of them can be selected by click (Please see attached tableau file for your reference). I can still see information for all regions because I have selected "Show all values on clearing the selection" in filter action. But this is not the desired way because my end users don't know much about tableau and they will love to have simple and intuitive filter. Can I modify this dashboard to get only one text ("Apply Filter" in my worksheet) even when I select all regions and then click on this filter to get information for all regions.  



      Please note that excel files have different type of information. I have already joined/blended sheets/files that I could. I am not sure if further joins/blends will make business sense!



      Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!