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    Solved: How to create a filled map for Sierra Leone?

    Sabine Honer

      Hi All,


      I have a list of data also including longitude and latitude.

      Tableau can find Sierra Leone, but displays only one dot ( well, several dots if I uncheck "aggregate data")

      Issue is, I would like to draw a filled map ( show borders regions within Sierra Leone).

      But Tableau doesn't recognize it.


      How can I get a filled map?



      Best regards



      P.S: I have found a link with shapes to download for Sierre Leone.

      But I will I insert a file into Tableau to be able to use it?

      Sorry for my questions, but I haven't done that so far.....


      Sierra Leone




      I have found a way on how I could do it

      1. Download/ get needed shape file

      2. Use Alteryx workstream to get needed IDs

      3. create Polygon Map in Tableau ( video available in training section)