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    Apply Filter changes to a secondary Datasource

    Hubsi Hu

      Hello everbody,


      I guess I am not the first one with this Problem, but I do not really find an answer for this Problem.  So Here is my Scenario:


      I use a Datasource (Source1) in in one Worksheet (Sheet1) as a Primary Source. Oneof this fields  I use as a Filter. Everything works good so far.


      But now in another sheet (Sheet2),  I use a Source2 as Primary source. Source1 is used as the secondary Source. The field I want to filter ist set as  a filter in Sheet2 too.


      The Filter I want to apply over the two worksheets, filters a field that has the same name in both Sources. So  I linked both fields.


      So everytime i make a change in the Filter in Sheet1, the changes do not apply to sheet2.


      Can anybody help me? I really don't know what to do anymore :/