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    Tableau Desktop

    NIlesh Shinde

      I took Tableau server for 10 user in Amazon web services so Do I need to buy separate Desktop key?

      All ready paid 5500$ for Server..

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          khalid norat

          Yes you will be required to purchase a desktop Key.


          Tableau server and Tableau Desktop are 2 separate products requiring separate licencing.


          The 10 users you have purchased is for Server meaning 10 users can view and interact with reports published on server.


          You now need a desktop licence for any developers that will be creating and publishing reports


          Hope this answers your question

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            Mark Fraser

            Hi Nilesh


            Do you have a Tableau Account Manager? They should be able to advise you...

            I ask, because I get the impression from your question that no one is advising you... I'll try and explain the main Tableau products


            Desktop > is used to create content. its used to connect to the source data (multiple if needed), then to create vizes, dashoards etc.



            > is used to share and manage the created content, control security, refreshes and subscriptions.


            In short, the smallest Tableau setup would be Desktop only.

            Next step (to share) would be Desktop + Reader < the next cheapest option

            Full deployment is Desktop + Server - you create the content (Desktop) and share with end users (Server). the number of end users determines number of licenses.


            Hope that helps!

            As mentioned, speak to sales or your account manager.




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              khalid norat

              Hi Nilesh,


              Although the information I gave you is correct and should be helpful.

              I agree with Mark's comment. You should definitely be speaking to a representative that can advise you on what products you require for your reporting needs.

              It might be possible to initialize your project with a lover financial outlay using minimal products/ licences and ramping up as an when required.

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                Brad Clark

                Hi Nilesh,


                Mark and Khalid are correct. You'll need Desktop with Server. If you haven't already downloaded a trial of Desktop, I'd highly recommend doing so here:


                Tableau Desktop | Tableau Software


                In addition, once you've downloaded the trial and registered it, please message me with the registered email address. I can get you in touch with the appropriate account manager who can work with you and your deployment.




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                  khalid norat

                  Hi Brad on another note can you help in anyway getting my tableau public email authenticated. The site will just not let me log in or send me a authentication email

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                    Brad Clark

                    Hi Khalid, I'd suggest the following forum page to help with the authentication question:


                    Tableau Public Frequently Asked Questions


                    If that doesn't resolve, I'd recommend posting up in the Forums specific to Public:


                    Tableau Public


                    An Adminstrator there should be able to help / point you in the right direction.

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                      khalid norat

                      Cheers Brad.

                      I tried option 2 already but no help.


                      Didn't check FAQS problem sorted your a gem.