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    Tooltip not working - ATTR seems to be the issue

    Jan Paulsen

      Hi board members,


      I have the following data:



      I want to show the values for each country in a tooltip:



      This works fine for Germany, I simply created a pill (If Country = 'Germany' then Value) and dragged it to the tooltips chart. For France it does not work that way as there are two rows in the data. I used the following syntax (otherwise I am told that I cannot use aggregate and non-aggregate measures in an if statement): If ATTR([Country]) = 'France' THEN SUM([Value]) END.


      However, I get a blank. Can anyone make this work? Dragging country to the details shelf (and thereby splitting the graph) is not a solution:). Furthermore: can anyone explain why my approach is not working? I get the feeling I am somehow missing something here.