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    1 Login to Sharepoint2013 and Tableau Embedded into an IIS site.

    Ruben C

      Hi Everyone,


      Is there a way to login to SP2013 and Tableau using only 1 login modal, with content from both embedded in another IIS site? Or is there a way to pass credentials after login from one to the other?


      A simple HTML site on IIS, has both Tableau and Sharpoint embedded / iframed various pages.


      The IIS app and Tableau are on the same host, and the IIS app operates on a different port than Tableau. Sharpoint is on a second host with the site on port 80. All servers are in the same AD domain and Tableau is setup with AD authentication. Sharpoint is setup with the default settings, Claims based authentication with AD.


      I'm not using a custom login form, so users receive the generic login popup.


      My problem is 2 login prompts, one for Tableau and the other for Sharepoint. Some IIS pages have only Tableau dashboards embedded with others only SP2013 pages embedded.


      I've tried adding a div on the IIS home page with an embedded SP2013 page, using the Tableau webpart. This works as expected, after login to SP the Tableau dashboard shows, but when I move to another IIS page with only Tableau, I have to login to Tableau.


      I've read some info on Windows server to server authentication and also on forms based authentication, but nothing stands out as being the correct path.


      Any assistance is greatly appreciated.