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    Tableau app not working with proxy

    Ankur Potdar

      Hello Tableau Gurus,


      I created a tableau external proxy server for public or access over internet for tableau iPad app.


      The proxy is working fine when used with any browser over PC, however its not working properly when using in tableau ipad app.



      1. Open tableau app and enter server URL .... tableauservice.mycompany.com

      2. Login is successful.

      3.Get error " Tableau cannot reach the server"

      4. No workbooks are displayed.


      The weird thing is that the iPad app DOES work when connected thru fiddler.

      everything works fine with the same proxy server, 100% functional, no issues.


      If I look at the device logs, the app fails after this line:




      from the app logs, it looks like the app is able to authenticate, however after that, it checks for which user it is (probably to load user favorites) and then the app crashes.


      Tableau support is unable to figure out the cause/solution.


      Any help is much appreciated!!