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    Actual vs Budget - another round - Pick 1 and only 1 of each

    Keith Conner



      I was searching the Tableau community for Actual vs budget, and I was unable to find a solution to my problem. The closest I came was 'Filtering Multiple Dimensions Using Parameters' at http://kb.tableau.com/articles/knowledgebase/filtering-multiple-dimensions-using-parameters


      My problem is I would like to pick one and only one of each. Let me explain using superstore, since my data is in the same structure.  From furniture, you can only pick 1 sub-category (this would be like 'Actual' in my data), and you can only pick 1 from  Technology (this would be like 'Actual' in my data). so my dropdowns for selection would be


      Actual- (Bookcases, chairs, furnishings, tables) and Plan (Accessories, Copiers, Machines, Phones).



      Again, thank you in advance. The Tableau community is awesome.



      Keith Conner


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