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    Tableau Online: Permissions-->Project Vs Work Book.

    Venkatesh A



      For a given "Project A" containing the workbook "WB1" setting the


      Permissions for "Project A" at project level for User X is as follows:



      i. View-Denied


      iii.Project Leader-Denied



      b.Work Books-None for all options within workbooks.


      c.Data Sources-None None for all options within datasources.



      Permissions for Workbook "WB1" for User X: Editor


      Kindly help with the below:


      a. When i login as User X i am not able to access Project A.


      b. But when i click the work books sections, i am able to access Workbook WB1 and it's views.


      Question 1:

      WB1 is part of Project A and if the user is cut off access at project A, should he able to access the workbook provided it contains the necessary permissions?



      Question 2:

      If that's the case isn't setting permissions at project level redundant?


      Question 3:


      Is there any hierarchy or precedence like permission at view level greater than permission at workbook level?


      I am confused. Any help is much appreciated.