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    ALL Option - Show Blank / No Image


      Harley Ellenberger


      Re: dynamic image based on filter selection


      Thanks for sharing the post. MY question is , if we have an "ALL" option in the parameter that changes the image. Is there a way I can display as "NO IMAGE" ?


      Because when I add in "All" option to the filter , all the images are shown.


      Please advice on the same.




      Shawn Wallwork

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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Sure - you could just utilize a field in place of the existing thumbnails link. 


          I did this quickly by creating a new field on the ThumbnailLink view-  we just want to search for an instance where more than one item in that filter has been selected so window_max(Index()) > 1 is the condition. 


          if window_max(index())>1 then "http://mycmag.kantarmediana.com/404" else attr([Thumbnail Link]) END 


          Setting the field to Compute Using [ThumbtailLink] or else it won't work right to calculate the max value of index. 


          Then we can set the value to return to the view to whatever we want..  i return a 404 in the url sample but it could be a custom image saying "no image" that is on the web server.