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    Setting Custom week #'s

    Stephen Hart

      I have a report that we run weekly. The first week needs to include 12/30/2015-1/5/2016. I was trying to use something like INT(([Posting Date]-Date(2015-12-30))/7)+1 to have 12/30/2015 the starting date and assigning a week number based on the calculation. When putting this in as a calculated field I get a 4 digit number and the date range does not seem to be correct. Any thoughts?



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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Stephen,


          You may want to change Week # (from 53 to 1) -- 

          only for those days belonging to Week 53.

          The calc could be like this (based on Sample Superstore):


          IF   DATEPART('week', [Order Date]) = 53

          THEN DATEADD('day', DATEDIFF('day', [Order Date], DATEADD('year', 1, DATETRUNC('year', [Order Date]))), [Order Date])

          ELSE [Order Date]


          If you take a Discrete Week aggregate from the above date, Week 53 becomes Week 1.

          Even if it fits your discrete week # scenario, other aggregates on this field would fail.


          Hope it could help anyway.