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    cant able to create donut chart when blending data

    Sanjay Nimbark



      we have business requirement as follow , when user select different country then according their region value should display, if multiple region then World value.


      I have attached workbook where I can achieve this by using LOD Function calculation Regional_bench, I can create Doughnut Chart without blending data as it allows to select measure name and measure value, but once you start blending it doesnt , I have tried re arrange data in third sheet as well but it doesnt show Risk Category Sheet 3 example

      I have created dashboard  attached so when you select different country e.g. India in sheet 4 it shows correctly Asia, if you select Europe country it shows Europe and mixed region will display as world, I want to achieve similar graph as above in sheet 1 with same functionality.


      we have data source as SQL this is just example with I created with Dummy data in excel.


      Thanks in Advance,