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    Alert box in Tableau Report

    Sumit Sharma

      Hi All,


      Is there a possibility for an alert box pop up to come up when a user clicks on a link (before the report loads) to say the report might take X seconds?



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          G Marc Turner

          Hi Sumit,

          If you are talking about clicking on a link from a web page prior to the Tableau report, I would suggest creating the alert box using Javascript on that page. To do this you would need to add an "OnClick" to the URL link. It would look something like this:


          <a href="link to report" onClick='window.alert("Alert message.")'>Test link</a>


          You would need to know in advance the estimated time it would take to load.


          Hope this helps


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            Nathan Panuco

            I think you would be better served educating the users on performance expectations rather then putting up a message with a time estimate. Depending on size of the data, complexity of the workbook, if the data and workbook are cached, speed of the network and user load on the computer and many other factors, the load time will vary greatly for workbooks and would be difficult to accurately estimate.

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              Sumit Sharma

              Thanks Marc and Nathan. Unfortunately I don't have a web page where I can create the JS. I might try explaining the users and mostly include approx. load time to other reports from the main dashboard in the tooltips (I have one main dashboard and users can go to other dashboards by clicking on individual sheets).