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    Count survey free text comments containing a word or phrase

    Helen Lindsay

      I am analysing free text comments from a survey. I want to calculate the number of free text comments that contain the word "survey" as a percentage of the number of survey responses.


      The survey responses are partially transposed (pivoted) i.e. the demographic questions and free text questions are not.


      When I use the following field [Contains Survey] as a filter and plot "Date added" V "CountD(id)". I get the right answer.

      [Contains Survey]

      CONTAINS([What went wrong Other text],"survey")

      But then I want to calculate this as a % of CountD(id)


      Is there a way of using a filtered and non-filtered CountD(id) in a viz so I can use a table calc?


      I used the following calculated field to count the number of free text comments containing survey. But, I get too high a figure.

      [COUNT Contains Survey]

      IF[Contains Survey]=True

      THEN 1 END


      I think this is because the data is transposed so the same free text comment is repeated in multiple records.


      Can anyone think of a way around this?